iCare Manager

We at iHealthFrontier believe that doctor visits are not the end all and be all of patient care. A variety of factors that influence the health of a patient occur at the patient’s home, in her social environment, etc.

We recognize that care coordinators, your staff who engage with the patient outside of the clinic, are thus important contributors to the success of the ACO. We have developed iCare Manager, a solution that helps care coordinators engage with patients in these settings. iCare manager has built-in care protocols from Johns-Hopkins University for a variety of chronic conditions including:

  • Diabetes
  • COPD
  • Demenitia
  • CHF

In addition, iCare Manager also has built-in clinical decision support capabilities that help care-coordinators identify the timely interventions necessary to avert high-risk events and enhance the patient’s healthcare.

Features of iCare Manager

  • Designed for Case Managers and Social Workers
  • Care Coordination for high risk patients with all information at home or socio-economic setting
  • Task list for NCMs to follow through on
  • Provides easy and low cost engagement for better outcomes and fewer hospitalizations